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Just three illnesses account for 86% of serious illness claims

Cancer, Heart Attack and Stroke account for 86% of serious illness claims. » read more


Serious illness prices to increase

Serious Illness cover can be great comfort in the unfortunate event of being struck down with a serious illness. Whether the cover is sufficient to clear a mortgage or just enough to pay your salary for a year, it certainly deserves your attention. » read more


Life Insurance and Brexit

One of the benefits of being part of the EU for financial services companies, is to right to transact business in other EU States. For British Companies, Britain leaving the EU will remove this right and Companies will instead need to register new subsidiaries within the EU and seek full regulatory approval for this business. » read more


Life Insurance and Mortgages

In Ireland most mortgages are secured by a legal charge on the property and an assignment of the proceeds of a life insurance policy. » read more


Family protection in your 40's and 50's

if you have no life insurance and you still have dependents it might not be too expensive to take out cover for a shorter period . For example taking out a 15 year policy at age 50 might add a great deal of comfort at an affordable cost » read more


Self employed can save up to 40% on life cover

Being self employed can be both challenging and rewarding. Most self employed run small businesses and very often pay little attention to Protection and Pension arrangements. » read more


Suicide accounts for 9% of all Life Insurance claims

Latest claims figures from Zurich highlight some clear gender differences in claims » read more


One third of specified illness claims are by people under age of 50!

Recent claims statistics from Irish Life highlights include breast cancer as a major claims area, the lack of cover for life insurance and serious illness taken out by women and the high rate of serious claims made at less than age 50. » read more


Convertible Mortgage protection worth considering

Mortgage protection insurance is a decreasing Life Insurance policy with the cover level designed to fall as your mortgage reduces. Convertible mortgage protection adds an extra dimension to the basic product. » read more


Free Garmin wrist watch and up to 6 months Cash Back

Free Garmin wrist watch     Zurich are offering a free Garmin Fitness Watch for clients taking out a Guaranteed Term Protection policy (GTP) through our agency with Zurich Life   In addition you will receive a discount on standard Zurich prices of 10% for the whole term of the policy and cashback at the end of year 1 and year 2 adding up in total to 6 months premium payments. » read more

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