Serious Illness Cover Ireland - Frequently Asked Questions

Serious illness cover is an optional addition in most life insurance contracts. It is an emotive subject and it is hard to believe it is a necessary expense when you are in your twenties or early thirties and in the whole of your health.

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We all know that serious illness can strike when nobody expects it and recovery can be prolonged and the consequences can be life changing. If your income is important to maintaining your standard of life and keeping up payments on your mortgage you should consider taking out a serious illness policy.

What is serious illness cover?
Serious Illness Cover is an insurance that will pay you a tax-free lump sum if you are diagnosed with a serious illness specifically covered by your plan. Serious illness cover is also known as Specified illness cover or Critical Illness cover.
What does a Serious Illness policy cover?
Not all serious illness policies will cover the same illness's. Your insurer will only pay out if the illness you are diagnosed with is covered under your policy. 

It is important to read the insurers serious illness cover terms and conditions to know what you will be covered for. Your advisor ihere at can help you choose the correct policy for you.

How much is Serious Illness cover?
This depends on how much you want to be covered for, your health history, age, smoking status and how many years you want the policy taken out over.

Policies can start from €10.00 per month. Get the lowest cost Serious Illness Cover Quote
Can I take out Serious Illness Cover with a pre-existing condition?
In most cases the pre-exisiting condition will be excluded from the policy but it is possible to get cover. 

Can I take out Serious illness cover if I am a smoker?
For obvious reasons being a smoker will impact your application for Serious illness cover, however it is still possible to get cover.

You will be charged smoking rates which can be up to 50% more than standard rates. 

All nicotine replacement products including Vapes and E-cigarettes will be given smoking rates.