1. Start as early as possible - today is not too soon.
  2. Contribute as much as possible from an early age
  3. Find out exactly what fees are charged by the pension fund manager.
  4. Find out exactly what fees are charged by your broker.
  5. Consider the benefits of choosing a fee arrangement with your broker in preference to a commission arrangement.
  6. Who is managing your fund? What is their track record both as an individual fund manager as a Company?
  7. Exactly how secure is the company who has your money? What is their value compared to other companies competing in the market?How much funds do they have under management?
  8. Closely examine the documentation you receive and if you don't understand something - get an answer!


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  1. Seek independent advice
  2. Don't look at discounted rates as a guide to your long term commitments
  3. Keep mortgage repayments within your budget
  4. Don't borrow too much
  5. Pay off early if possible
  6. Always keep up your repayments


  1. Decide what level of risk you can afford
  2. Incorporate your investments into a financial plan.
  3. Spread your investments
  4. Don't blindly trust an adviser
  5. Understand how easy it is to access your funds
  6. Never put all your eggs in one basket
  7. Keep saving
  8. Understand what you are investing in
  9. Understand the costs including tax implications