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In our news section, we will keep you updated with articles that have special relevance to visitors from a wide variety of differing backgrounds focusing on identifying protection solutions outside the standard life cover facilities.

Don't wait to long to take out your income protection policy

Rates increase quite dramatically as we get older when it comes to income protection insurance » read more


Aviva introduce convertible mortgage protection

Convertible mortgage protection allows the policy holder to convert their policy into a term insurance policy or extend the term of the policy without the requirement for further medical evidence. » read more


How Much Life Insurance do you need?

One important decision in setting up a life insurance policy is to decide how much cover you will need. There are a number of things you should consider when deciding the amount of cover that is right for you. » read more


Insurance Ireland warns KBC and Ulster Bank Customers to protect their insurance policies

Insurance Ireland, the representative organisation for the Irish insurance sector in Ireland has warned of possible impacts on holders of insurance poilicies as the two banks begin closing or freezing accounts in the coming weeks. » read more


Compare Life Insurance and Get Our Exclusive Discounts

Use our life insurance calculator to compare life insurance products and get access to our Additional Discounts and get the best deals on life insurance and serious ilness cover in Ireland. » read more


€300,00 Life Insurance for just €19 per month

Life insurance can be surprisingly good value. With competition hot in the life insurance market, a 30 year old non-smoker can secure Life Insurance cover on €300,000 for 30 years for just over €19 per month. » read more


Life Insurance and Home insurance - which is more important?

Most people insure their homes for hundreds of thousands of Euro but many have no life insurance whatsoever. Taking out insurance is about balancing risk, reward and cost. » read more


Good news on life expectancy

Latest figures represent good news in terms of life expectancy. » read more


Zurich Claims Figures for Life Insurance and Serious Illness

Zurich Ireland has released details of recent claim statistics » read more


Fiona Lavin completes her 100th Suicide Prevention Group Presentation in December 2019

Suicide is a devastating problem around the world. The Safe Talk Programme is a three hour course presented by specialists in the area, to help participants to recognoise suicidal signs in others and to direct them to suitable medical professionals, who are trained in prevention. » read more