Zurich Claims Figures for Life Insurance and Serious Illness

06 January 2020
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Zurich Ireland's most recent claim stats reveal the following: Total value of Life Insurance claims paid €92 million. Largest single pay out €1,250,000. Largest single serious illness pay out €675,000.

The average age of death in Zurich's most recent figures was 62.

The average age for a serious illness claim is just 51.

Cancer unsurprisingly is the most common cause of death and cancer is the cause of almost 70% of serious illness claims. 81% of female serious illness claims were related to cancer

Life Insurance may seem like an unnecessary expense but when you take some time to consider how your family will deal with the consequences of your passing away, the price usually fails into insignificance.

Most families will be devastated at the passing of a loved one at age 62.