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Table 1 - Comparison Of Life Insurance Rates With Age

Its always best to arrange life insurance when it becomes apparent that people will depend on you financially for their well being, both now and into the future. » read more


Table 2 - Comparison of serious illness cover costs

The cost of Serious Illness Cover Doubles between the age of 30 and 40!   » read more


Comparison of benefits on Life Insurance policies

This comparison outlines the additional benefits that come with your life insurance policy.. Some are included in the policy and others are optional. » read more


Quick cost Comparison between Mortgage protection and Life Insurance

Mortgage protection insurance is a decreasing value life insurance product. Term Life insurance is a product where the cover amount stays the same for the term of the policy » read more


Table 3 - Comparison of life insurance costs between smokers and non smokers

Comparison of life insurance costs between smokers and non smokers. Smokers » read more


Table 4 - Single person smoking almost doubles life insurance cost

On average you will pay 85% more for life insurance if you smoke Comparison of life insurance costs between smokers and non smokers. » read more