Life Insurance Application Process

What happens when I submit my query or call you?
Our Life insurance calculator searches the market for the best price and we will present you with all the market prices and also our discounted price. Currently we are offering discounts in the region of 15% below the cheapest price in the market.

While we will give the best discounted price, more importantly we will ensure that you get the best advise and that the product meets your needs.

We will provide the following to you:

  • Details of all the market life insurance and mortgage protection quotes.
  • Details of the full discounts available to us as leading life insurance advisers.
  • We will ask you for details relevant to the product you need.
  • We will provide you with literature to learn more about the product and a key features.
  • We will give you a letter to support our life insurance recommendation

We will handle all administration associated with the issuing of the policy and  ensure that any medical queries are handled efficiently
What are the most important points for me to consider?
Buying life insurance is an important long term transaction, which should be supported by professional Independent advice.

Before recommending a life insurance product, your adviser will consider a range of factors including:
  • What are the needs of the beneficiaries of your life insurance policy? Do you have young children or a spouse who may be relying heavily on your income?
  • What is the most efficient way to structure the life insurance policy?
  • Do you have any loans or mortgages that need to cleared in the event of a claim?
  • Which  type of products best meets your current and longer term needs? Do you want the ability to extend the policy at a later date without additional medical evidence? Would you like the policy to pay out in the event of first death or first and second death?
  • Do you want to protect against inflation?
  • Which company provides the most suitable product?
  • Which Life insurance Company is the most secure? 
  • If you are replacing existing cover, we need to review the terms of this policy to establish if there is a risk of you losing benefits associated with that  policy?
  • How much can you afford to spend ?
Your adviser will provide you with appropriate advice in regard to these questions.Sometimes it might suit you to meet us for a full financial review.This can be arranged at our offices in Dundrum or we would be pleased to drop out to you.
What happens after I receive the product comparison information?
You have a number of options in regard to progressing  a life insurance application.:

The application process involves the completion of a declaration and a medical questionnaire. In Most of our applications are sent by email, downloaded by our clients and scanned back to us.

More recently clients are opting for online form completion and digital signing and in this way the whole process can be completed online.

Others prefer that we send you an application form in the post which you can completed and send back to us in a prepaid envelope.

we will do whatever suits you best
Will I have to do a medical?

In general medicals are non required for typical life cover applications with standard health history.

Once our consultant has completed his advice and has received a signed proposal form our administration staff will look after all matters required to arrange policy issue. 

Sometimes, depending on the information in the health questionnaire, the life company may require your doctor to complete a standard medical history report.

If you have a non standard medical history you may be asked to attend a medical. Similarily if the level of cover you require is very significant and you have a standard medical history you may have to attend a medical.

Your Financial consultant will advise you on these matters.

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