Life Insurance Ireland Guide

Does anybody rely on you financially or for their well-being?

If the answer is yes to the above question you should have probably have Life Insurance in place.

  • It is especially important if you are a parent with dependent children or if your spouse depends on you for their quality of life.
  • It is important to have life Insurance in place if you have a mortgage on your home or have other mortgages or debt.
  • It is important to have some level of Life Insurance if you do not have sufficient savings to pay for funeral and related costs.
  • You may also require life insurance if you are someone's ex-spouse, life partner, a child of dependent parents, the sibling of a dependent adult, an employee, an employer or a business partner. 

If you are retired or financially independent, have no debt and no one would suffer financially if you passed away, then you may not need life insurance.

If you are young free and single, as the saying goes, without any significant debt, life insurance may not be necessary. ( However, it is worth knowing that for €10 per month could get €300,000 life insurance for 30 years.)

To help you understand more about life insurance you need we've put together a selection of articles and frequently asked below.

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Life Insurance FAQ'S

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Life Insurance Application Process

Life insurance proposals can be completed over the phone, online or by scanning back documents
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Life Insurance proceeds - it all depends on how the policy is set up!

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Top 10 Life Insurance Tips

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How Much You Can Save With Us

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Children's Benefits

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Non resident Life Insurance

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Cheap Life Insurance

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Best Doctors ®

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