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Compare Life Insurance Quotes

Our life insurance calculator allows you to compare life insurance quotes from the major insurance companies in Ireland.
Our partners are Irish life, New Ireland, Aviva, Zurich and Royal London.

As a major independent life insurance adviser, we secure large discounts, generally not available elsewhere, which we always pass on in full to you.

Whether it is Life insurance to look after your family or mortgage protection insurance, we are here to help you get the best deal.

Please review some of the reasons to support selecting as your life Insurance adviser.

Let us help you choose what is right for you

At we realise choosing the right protection policy can be hard. Please use this calculator to generate a quote for life insurance, we can then discuss your needs and tailor your quote to suit you and your family. We will also guarantee the best premium in the market!

Alyson Lavin, Life Insurance Manager 

Please consult our frequently asked questions page

What level of Life insurance should you have?

Unlike many Life insurance companies our primary focus is on understanding your needs and recommending suitable life insurance products to meet these needs. The products we recommend will be the best value on the market but more importantly the recommendations will be based on of professional assessment of what level of life insurance you may reasonably need.

Sometimes the level of life insurance you should have may be unaffordable. We will work with you to find the correct balance between optimum cover and affordability

For more information on the most popular life insurance product options please review this link Popular terms used in Life Insurance explained

If Somebody depends on you financially, you should have Life Insurance Cover.

  1. Taking out Life Insurance is easy - generally no medical required.
  2. We can complete an application over the phone with you in 15 minutes- Same day coveris available.
  3. Unless you choose to index your life insurance cover, the monthly cost of a term life insurance policy will remain the same for the term of your policy.
  4. If you want to cover against inflation you can increases your life insurance premium by a samll amount each year. You will need to decide at the outset whether you want this option.
  5. Life Insurance is really important to your dependants especially your partner and people who depend on you financially.
  6. Life Insurance can be surprisingly good value.Life Insurance starts at €10 per month.
  7. Life insurance can pay off all your debts.
  8. You don't need life insurance forever, you can reduce the cover level when the need for cover changes.
  9. Don't delay taking out life insurance, as your health may deteriorate as time goes by.
  10. Poor heath, smoking and the older you are when taking out a policy,will increase life insurance premiums.
  11. You can add serious illness cover to your life insurance policy.
  12. Using means you get the best value on the market.

There are a wide range of life insurance options open to you.

  1. Basic term insurance is an insurance policy for a set sum insured for a defined term. An example would be a life insurance policy for a 30 year term which will pay out €200,000 in the event of a claim during the term.
  2. Whole of life insurance is a policy that will pay out during your life time. It will be more expensive than term insurance
  3. Pension term insurance is life insurance policy that will pay out a a specified lump sum up until you reach pensionable age. Premiums are tax deductible.
  4. Convertible term life insurance is a term insurance polcy with an added benefit whereby you can exercise a right to continue the policy cover after the original term is over. The option must be choasen at the initiation of the policy.
  5. Index linked life insurance is a life insurance policy that increases over time both in the level of cover and in the cost in order to keep pace with inflation.
  6. Dual life insurance is apolicy that pays out on both lives.
  7. Joint life insurance is policy which  pays out on first death.

Terms and conditions for Life insurance Quotes

  • Non smoker premiums are based on the assumption that you have not smoked in the past twelve months.
  • Insurance cover is subject to acceptance by the insurance company.
  • Prior to arranging life insurance or mortgage protection cover, we will complete an application form which includes a detailed health questionnaire. This can be arranged online or by phone.
  • Quotations are valid for seven days, or until your next birthday, whichever is sooner. Rates increase as you get older and this is the reason why your next birthday will impact on your quotation.
  • Where two applicants are included the quotation is calculated on a dual life basis except in the case of mortgage protection cover where joint life basis applies.
  • Serious illness cover on mortgage protection policies reduces in line with th eprojected reduction in your mortgage liability.
  • Insurance cover only commences on policy issue.
  • Information for our quotation service are provided for us through Broker information services, who receive quotation data from our Life Insurance companies.
  • The terms of your chosen policy shall take precedence over any statement, representation, act or omission which may have been made by us and which conflicts with any terms of your chosen policy.
  • You must check all details on any proposal form or statement of facts and pay particular attention to any declaration you are asked to sign.
  • It is important that you read all documents issued to you and ensure that you are aware of the cover, limits, warranties, conditions and other terms that apply.