Suicide accounts for 9% of all Life Insurance claims

13 March 2018
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Suicide accounts for 9% of all life insurance claims paid by Zurich in 2017.

The pressure to seriously address mental health issues and to put in place a coherent independent bureau to tackle the suicide problem in Ireland has once again being brought into focus with the release of the life insurance claim statistics by Zurich.

Serious illness

Also In the latest claims statistics for life insurance and serious illness claims issued by Zurich, the pattern of the high incidence of cancer claims among women continues.

  • 77% of all female claims were related to cancer
  • Over 50% of this total related to breast cancer

Overall cancer accounts for 58% of all serious illness claims.

Life Insurance

For life insurance cancer accounts for 46% of all claims, heart related accounts for 15% and tragically, suicide accounts for 9% of all claims.

The largest serious illness claim by Zurich was €687,000

The largest Life insurance claim paid out was €1,277,000