50+ Easy Life Cover

05 December 2016
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50+ Easy Life Cover
Hassle free cover with no medical questions.

IF you are between 50 an 80 and for medical or age reasons will not qualify under standard life insuranec rules the 50+ product may be an option worth considering. It offers guaranteed acceptance with no medical questions. The first step befor etaking out this product would be for us to check would you qualify under a standard life insurance policy.If you do not then this product might be for you.

To find out more please call 01 832 7250 or complete our Enquiry Form

What is 50+ Easy Life Cover?

50+ Easy Life Cover gives your family and loved ones a guaranteed lump sum that could help pay any bills and expenses, for example, funeral expenses, when you're no longer around.
Your lump sum is guaranteed once you've made regular payments until your 90th birthday or until you die. At age 90 you will not have to make any more payments but your cover still continues for the rest of your life. Your plan will end if you stop making regular payments before you reach age 90, or when a claim is made.

What's Covered with 50+ Easy Life Cover?

During the first two years of your plan, you will be covered if you die as a result of an accident and if you die from anything other than an accident; your estate will be refunded with the payments you have already paid. After this, you will have guaranteed cover for the amount you choose the rest of your life.

Some exclusions apply to the accidental death benefit. For example, death by dangerous pursuits such as parachuting and abseiling.

How much does 50+ Easy Life Cover Cost?

Set out below is a table of the monthly cost and life sum assured for a male.

The benefits are higher for females

   €15 per month  €30 per month  €55 permonth
 50  5087  10537  19621
 55  3785  7840  14599
 60  2829  5860  10912
 65  2137  4427  8043
 70  1629  3374  6628
 75  1056  2187  4073
 80  664  2187  2561


Who can apply for 50+ Easy Life Cover?

It's available to anyone aged between 50 and 80. Yes that's right - anyone! You see, because it offers guaranteed acceptance, you won't be asked any medical questions or asked about your health history when you apply.

To find out more please call 01 832 7250 or complete our Enquiry Form