About Life Insurance

08 December 2016
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Cheap Life Insurance

Life insurance is an insurance policy that pays out a sum of money in the event of death.

Life insurance is cheap when you are young and in good health and gets progressively more expensive as we get older.

A 25 year old non smoker in good heath can secure a 25 year €200,000 life insurance for a fixed rate of €10 per month. In our view this is very good value and we expect that over the next few years the minimum premium for life insurance policies will be close to €20 per month. Some Companies have already introduced this. Buying now makes sense.

We search the market and compare all the prices quoted by Ireland's leading Life Insurance Companies to help you find the cheapest life insurance.Click on the following links to obtain a quotation.

  1. Mortgage protection
  2. Term insurance
  3. Critical illness.