New Ireland

06 August 2009
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New Ireland Assurance was established in 1918 and was the first wholly Irish owned life assurance company to transact business in Ireland. Since December 1997, New Ireland Assurance has been a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bank of Ireland Group .

To obtain a quote for life insurance products from New Ireland Assurance please use our online quotation system. If you would like to talk to one of our consultants about Life Insurance products from New Ireland Assurance please use our contact form.

New Ireland offer a flexible mortgage protection plan.

A) Clear your mortgage
B) Secure ownership of your home
C) Reduce your monthly cost of living

Its a highly flexible mortgage protection plan

Increase or decrease your cover amount
Extend or reduce your length of cover
Increase your cover amount within 3 months of moving house, getting married or having or adopting a child without having to provide medical evidence

New Ireland also offer an option to maintain a whole of life level of cover after your mortgage is cleared.You pay for this during the mortgage term with no payments after the mortgage term is complete,